Artist statement

More about my projects

In my works I combine classical art with modern techniques, rethinking our perception of ancient images with the advent of digital graphics. Active computerization and the development of mass media culture have largely changed our understanding of art, which is constantly reinforced by the emergence of a lot of new techniques and means of artistic expression, which not only allow us to create new art, but also to perceive the old one. Over time, it is endowed with completely new meanings, bearing the imprints of inevitable changes and reconstructing our understanding of "classic". In my projects I combine the most ancient mosaic technique, passing it through the "filters" of the modern digital world. Using the techniques of pixelation and glitch art, I make up for the losses that have arisen in centuries-old mosaics, create storyboards of images, subjecting them to visual distortion and deformation and animating due to the chaotic flickering of LED strips and sound effects. Without giving a clear assessment of the changes taking place, I suggest the viewer to reflect on the inevitable processes and subjectivity of our perception independently. The mosaic module in my works correlates with a pixel in virtual space, being a kind of atom of the digital universe. I also create digital series of works that thematically complement my main projects, in which I use 3d modeling techniques and video rendering.